Editor, The Beacon:

Since the big stores are having trouble stocking their shelves, it’s time to think outside the box for holiday gifts: tickets to a major league baseball spring-training game or a season pass to the Daytona Tortugas; family membership in local art or science museums and planetariums or Florida state parks; an annual driving pass for Daytona Beach.

Magazines and newspapers have both digital and hard copy subscriptions. Spa days and manicures are also very thoughtful.

If you want something for under the tree, almost every venue has an in-person and/or an online gift shop: museums, parks, art galleries, professional sports teams, colleges and universities, cartoon characters — even the U.S. Postal Service has online merchandise.

Another option is the gift of service. Offer to babysit once a month so parents can have a date-night dinner, mow someone’s lawn or pay for their lawn care, help with school tuition or books, help with veterinary expenses or even car or utility payments. Who wouldn’t be happy with one less car-insurance payment?!

True gift-giving comes from the heart. Like the Grinch discovered, “What if Christmas … doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit more!”

Caz Norwich



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