One of the signs of the times is the increasing number of people turning to food distributions sponsored by nonprofit organizations and churches.

No longer do such giveaways attract only the down and out on the verge of starvation, but also those who say they can no longer afford to pay the rising prices in supermarkets, as a new wave of inflation — such as not seen in decades — touches virtually every sector of the economy and raises the prices of staples such as food and energy. Food insecurity now drives many to seek help before the lack becomes acute.

One of the newest charities in West Volusia, Backpack Buddies, set up its final 2021 food drop on Dec. 3 at PFC Emory L. Bennet t Veterans Memorial Park in Orange City. Florida Farm Share partnered with Backpack Buddies to provide 20,000 pounds of edibles for giving to those willing to show up and ask.

One man, asked why he had come to the food giveaway, replied, “Just trying to survive.”


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