The DeLand mobile-home community of Whisperwood hosted a promotion ceremony Nov. 27, honoring newly minted Air Force Lt. Col. Kirsten E. DeLambo.

The parents of DeLambo’s husband, Jim, live in Whisperwood, and when Kristen DeLambo visited and saw the community’s monument to veterans, she decided she wanted her promotion ceremony to occur there.

Over about a year during 2017 and 2018, the residents of Whisperwood conceived, designed and raised funds to build the monument, which is shown at left.

The DeLambos are stationed in San Antonio, and traveled to DeLand for the promotion ceremony. Lt. Col. Allan Bigtas traveled from Hawaii to conduct the promotion.

Jim DeLambo’s parents are Carlene and Richard Yeager.

Kirsten DeLambo is a clinical psychologist who designs and oversees mental-health services for members of the U.S. Air Force.

— Barb Shepherd and Noah Hertz


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