BUSY CROSSING — Students and others cross Woodland Boulevard at Minnesota Avenue, the entrance to the Stetson University campus. BEACON PHOTO/MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN

Editor, The Beacon:

Working at Stetson University, I have crossed North Woodland Boulevard at Minnesota Avenue four times a day for the past 25 years.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been yelled at, honked at, flipped off and almost hit over the years.

The problem is that the light turns green at the exact moment the walk sign comes on. Knowing that the Minnesota Avenue light is very short, cars turning left onto the Boulevard try to beat the pedestrians before they get into the intersection. I see this all the time.

If the walkers were given a five-second lead, this would give the walkers a head start, and cars would not race into the intersection trying to beat them. I have suggested this many times over the years, but have been told only the state can make this change.

I have seen many people hurt at this intersection, and even our own former risk manager was struck by a car at this intersection.

Another wish-list item would be for both walk signs (crossing Woodland Boulevard) to be synced, so they both light up at the same time. Sometimes walkers don’t push the button when there is a large crowd on the other side of the road, thinking there is no need to push the button, and they will not get the walk sign. This can confuse both the walker and driver, as the walker assumes it is safe to cross even though they may not have the “walking man” sign.

Brenda Knight



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