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Editor, The Beacon:

I am writing to you, since there is no other written media publication in our immediate area and am hoping I can get some assistance or direction with my situation.

Attached please find a copy of a letter submitted to the Deltona City Commission, who are doling out building permits galore and apparently lack the staff to supervise the building sites, and who have a disregard for the well-being of neighbors.

As a former city commissioner from Winter Springs, I am familiar with the basics, but apparently Deltona is building so fast that it is creating conflict with the residents in the area where the development is taking place.

LGI, D.R. Horton and many others, including some independent contractors, are grabbing every empty lot in sight and building on them and, in their haste, are creating unsavory conditions for the residents in the area.

It appears they have found a quicker and faster way to make money and run, leaving behind bad taste.

It is easier to build quickly and run than to build subdivisions that require streets, lighting, sidewalks, etc., and much less supervision.

The City Commission is guilty of issuing too many permits, but not for the staff’s lack of initiative and shirking by the staff. However, and as they say, they are responsible for all the acts/actions developing within their political subdivisions.

As I state in my letter to the City Commission, there is a dumpster full of garbage that is full and over 18 inches from the top edge of the dumpster. It has been sitting there for at least two weeks. When the wind blows at excessive speeds, it blows the refuse at the top all over my yard and the street. It is filthy and not healthy. I have called code enforcement and the city manager’s office three times.

The first two calls were answered by a very well-mannered young lady assuring me that the matter would be resolved. Never happened. It is now eight days later, and no positive action has been taken.

The third call to the city manager’s office has gone unanswered. Very frustrating and mind-boggling.

Thank you for listening; good luck and success with your publication.

Edward Martinez Jr.



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