Editor, The Beacon:

The last time I wrote a letter to the editor was in the mid-1990s, and I had children in middle school in Deltona. The discussion was over whether a new middle school should be built or not. That school, Heritage Middle School, was eventually built, and my now-grown son was able to go to school there.

Now I am writing to express my dismay at County Council Member and local QAnon enthusiast Fred Lowry running for a seat on the School Board.

My question is why is he running? Does he honestly care about the children and teachers of Volusia County? Does he care about our schools? Does he care if children are being educated and getting a good fair education and proper nutrition at school? Does he care about teachers, their safety, and if they are making a decent wage?

Now, I don’t care what you believe, but I know our forefathers came to what is now America to escape a national religion and worship or not worship freely as they wanted.

I don’t think we need religion and conspiracy theories in our public schools. I have watched some of Mr. Lowry’s sermons at both churches that he has preached at, and he scares me with his beliefs.

Feel free to believe in QAnon and be anti-vax and anti-mask. Feel free to think that I will burn in hell. I don’t believe those things, and I know what will happen to me when I leave this Earth. That is what this country is about, freedom of beliefs.

But please don’t push your beliefs on the general public and our children and grandchildren. Best of luck to your opponent: Mr. Colón will be getting my vote. And I pray that Mr. Lowry stays at church.

Dawn Christian



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