cleared land southeast deland
MORE LAND CLEARED — Land is cleared in southeast DeLand to make way for homes. BEACON PHOTO/MARTIN O’CULL

Editor, The Beacon:

No, no, no, no, no, no. I think that’s six. How many times does it take? I’m reminded of a time, not long ago, when our young children would repeatedly ask the same question, hoping for a different answer.

Some feel many of today’s ills can be attributed to children not hearing “no” enough. That’s another discussion.

The question at hand about the proposed Beresford Reserve housing development on the former Southridge Golf Course is not a question of environmental impact, is not toxic waste, is not traffic congestion, is not urban sprawl, is not loss of parks and green space, is not school overcrowding … it is all those things: Do you want a number (a large number) of homes (apartments, condos, town homes, on 40-foot, 50-foot, 60-foot-wide lots, etc.) on this piece of land?

There are plenty of alternate uses proposed.

Having been in DeLand since 1976, and having employed hundreds of your friends and neighbors, I have had the pleasure of knowing a fair amount of people in the area. Of the residents who are aware of this project, not one I know supports it. Zero.

You don’t have to be a fan of Otto, or have a degree from Gulfport to understand vox populi (the voice of the people).

Back to our children, in college and just beyond right now. They live in an era where the issue of consent has reached a heightened state of awareness and understanding.

Thankfully, no means no. Should this mandate be ignored or disregarded, one could not help feeling like they’ve been … well … um … taken advantage of.

Scott R. Schwerdfeger


— Schwerdfeger is president of the Taylor Woods Homeowners Association. The Taylor Woods neighborhood is southwest of the proposed Beresford Reserve development.


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