<p>Letter to the Editor: Local journalism can help us learn and adapt</p><p></p>

Editor, The Beacon:

It was very curious how The Beacon promoted a complaint by Jerry Picott, a former principal in Volusia County, that efforts to stop critical race theory will suppress Black history in the schools.

What convenient timing for his complaint to be made during Black History Month, and what a lie.

Parents and many teachers are justifiably upset that critical race theory teaches that racism is inherent in the United States. They are not against teaching the evils of slavery or Jim Crow, or more recent instances of racism. They are for an accurate accounting of America’s history of progress against racism, and its many achievements.

Compare America with almost any other country, and you will realize we are one of the least racist nations on the planet. This should be celebrated, and we should not tolerate race-baiters like Dr. Picott, who set up straw-man arguments to push racist critical race theory instruction in our schools.

David Paine



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