bobbi baugh nor could our hands catch them

Studio Art Quilt Associates Inc. is proud to announce textile artwork by two DeLand artists — Bobbi Baugh and Regina Dunn — has been juried for exhibition in the Studio Art Quilt Associates’ regional show “The Artist’s Question … Answered in Fiber.”

The works by Baugh and Dunn are among 29 pieces in the exhibit, which will premiere at Florida CraftArt in St. Petersburg in April and then travel to five additional venues in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas through the summer of 2023.

Artists were challenged to pose a question or grapple with an issue, then answer the question through the creation of an original art quilt.

Baugh creates collaged textile artworks for exploration of memories, dreams, storytelling, and images of the natural world. Her works are built from handprinted fabrics and paper, and then finished as art quilts.

Baugh is a graduate of Stetson University in DeLand, earning her Bachelor of Arts in studio art and speech communication, and her Master of Arts in teaching in education/humanities. She retired from a 30-plus-year career in commercial printing and stationery design, and now pursues her studio work full time.

Baugh’s work Nor Could Our Hands Catch Them depicts a sky filled with a mass of sea gulls and the sea below filled with fish in motion.

Dunn retired from a career teaching science at DeLand High School. She started her artistic journey in 2001 by making traditional quilts. She ventured into the art world by attending workshops, joining art groups, and trying many techniques over the years as she developed a personal style. She found success by being accepted into juried national and state venues.

In 2015, Dunn was accepted into Jane Dunnewold’s “Art Cloth Mastery Class.” Her latest works, multimedia constructions, are made from fabrics she creates using hand-dyeing, printing methods, and other types of surface design.

Dunn’s work in the exhibit, Screen Door With a View, depicts the patterns she discovered created by a hole in a screen door.


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