A DeLand Police officer was called to a pizza restaurant Feb. 14 regarding an assault and battery allegedly committed by a 32-year-old woman from Fern Park. (Why are all these folks coming to DeLand to give us grief?!) Apparently the lady was unhappy with a brownie she’d purchased at the pizzeria and wanted her money back. The manager told her an item can’t be returned after someone buys it, so the angry customer threw the chocolate square at him, hitting him in the chest.

A pizzeria employee got a look at P*****- Off Pastry Pitcher’s license plate as she drove away, so police have her name and photograph, and they hope to have the manager see if he can pick her out of a photo lineup.

Why did this lady get so riled-up over a bad brownie? Maybe P*****-Off Pastry Pitcher was having a lousy Valentine’s Day and had been counting on that brownie to make her feel better.

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277-TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward.


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