A measure that would require 911 operators to be trained in “telecommunicator” cardiopulmonary resuscitation was among seven bills from the 2022 legislative session formally sent Monday to Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The proposal (HB 593) would require 911 operators to complete the CPR training every two years as part of their certification renewal. The training, at least in part, would help operators instruct phone callers to perform CPR. The bill was approved without opposition in the House and Senate.

Another bill (HB 631) sent to DeSantis would expand the amount of money certain general aviation airports with passenger service can receive through the Florida Department of Transportation’s Aviation Grant Program for security, capacity improvements and economic development.

Currently, the grant program can be used to cover 50 percent of projects at commercial service airports and 80 percent of the costs for work at general aviation airports with no scheduled commercial service.

The bill would shift commercial-service or general-aviation airports with fewer than 100,000 annual passenger boardings into the pool eligible for 80 percent state funding. DeSantis has until April 12 to act on the bills. DeSantis signed one of the bills shortly after receiving it.

That controversial measure (HB 1557) will prohibit classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade and will require that instruction for older students be age appropriate or developmentally appropriate.


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