A mom holds her sign during an abortion-rights protest
PROTEST — A mom holds her sign during an abortion-rights protest in Downtown DeLand May 6. BEACON PHOTO/MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN

Editor, The Beacon:

I wrote this today to the Supreme Court! It will probably never be read by them, but I wanted to share it with all of you today.

Roe v. Wade is almost 50 years of precedent! When a judge writes about needing a “domestic supply of babies” for adoption, that is a personal opinion and has nothing to do with the law.

I only was able to do one year of law studies, as life got in the way, but even I know this decision is not based on the law!

All of the newer judges admitted that Roe v. Wade was precedent, but now they are looking to overturn it for their own religious/political points of view.

It makes this Supreme Court seem highly slanted, and that has nothing to do with the law.

It seems the judges on this court have forgotten that the lady they serve is blind and is holding scales. Your religion, political view, or who appointed you, should not inform your decisions.

You answer to Lady Law, and right now, she is more than blind, she is ashamed and staring at all of you with her blindfold off and wondering how you could forget who you are supposed to be serving!

I think you should all take another look at your lawbooks and study precedent and realize how many other things are covered under the 14th Amendment, including interracial marriage, birth control for couples and individuals, HIPAA laws, and do you really want to see those issues overturned?

What will I say to my mixed-race grandchildren and my own daughter’s interracial relationship?

I am 62 years old and long beyond childbearing years, but to the future of the United States, you are setting up a further divide among all Americans!

Twenty-six states are ready to pounce with trigger laws, and women around the country are rallying.

Again, I think you should look to Lady Law, and realize that 50 years of other justices on the Supreme Court did not reverse precedent.

I hope that you will read my letter, even though it will probably end up in the trash, but I felt I had to write it.

Theresa Daly Commean



  1. The Supreme Court has overturned precedent many times. The Supreme Court at one time declared “Minimum Wage” unconstitutional, because it doesn’t give the employee the free choice to work at whatever wage they choose. Do you think that shouldn’t have been overturned?
    The greatness of our Constitution is that we can change how our country evolves. Without it, Republicans wouldn’t have been able to overturn slavery, give women the right to vote or push through a Civil Rights Bill that most Democrats objected to, including JFK and Al Gore Sr.
    First of all, the Supreme Court has not yet voted, NOBODY knows how anyone else would have voted or elaborated on their vote, except for the bogus leak from Justice Alito, which was a “draft”, to be passed around to other Justices before the actual vote.
    Number Two, if you had actually read what was illegally released, you would see his DRAFT OPINION was ONLY based on legal terms, the legality of what the Supreme Court did and NOT politics.
    It DOESN’T make abortion illegal, states like NY already have abortion laws that allow abortion during the birth process and that won’t change, whatever the Supreme Court does.
    SAYING ALL THAT, the whole thing is a moot point, brought up (again, illegally) just to rile people up, because the Supreme Court HAS NOT VOTED on the issue.


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