gram's kitchen
BEACON PHOTO/NOAH HERTZ STILL STANDING — The former Gram’s Kitchen at 844 E. New York Ave. in DeLand closed in 2021, but the diner-style breakfast restaurant served DeLandites for nearly 40 years. The building was purchased by Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co. owners Clay and Michelle Cass in March for $350,000. Trilogy will occupy the restaurant in front, while the DeLand Cat Cafe, with a separate entrance, will be in the west wing partially shown at right in the photo. The cats and the food won’t be anywhere near each other; the DeLand Cat Cafe and Trilogy Kitchen will be separate entities occupying different parts of the same building.
UPDATE Aug. 11, 2022: Progress is still underway to transform the former Gram’s Kitchen at 844 E.

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  1. Please give us an update on this enterprise. My friends and I are cat lovers. I can’t have one now but always did and miss not being with them. Will the Cat Cafe be open soon?

    • Thanks for commenting! The update at the top of the story is the latest update we have. The owners are working hard to get the Cat Cafe and coffee shop open ASAP!


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