Editor, The Beacon:

I’m interested in why any conservative would endorse Anthony Sabatini.

The following is a cut-short incident that occurred at a Hob Nob in Florida on Aug. 4, 2022.

I have a story to tell.

This is not written to change anyone’s mind on who you vote for. This is merely about a predicament I found myself in tonight.

I attended a Volusia County Hob Nob with a friend. As what should be expected, it was intended to meet all the candidates, Republicans and Democrats, and to ask about their platform and what their policies and views are regarding our state and country.

Well, I had considered Sabatini for Congress. However, I started to think about Cory Mills. Fortunately, I met both candidates tonight. Cory Mills was a very polite gentleman when he spoke on what he believes the U.S. should look like and his concerns for the future of our country.

Sabatini took to the stage and began screaming about how he will demolish the Republican Executive Committee. He committed to crushing this committee and, when he goes to Congress, he will jab all of Congress in the side, including the RINOs.

So, my friends who know me can most likely guess that I needed to speak to this man. After all, our country is already divided at the national level. Now, we have a Republican trying to divide us at the local level. Long story short, I approached Sabatini about his divisive remarks.

Before I could explain to him all my concerns, he began yelling that I was a RINO. He told me that I probably voted for Ford and not Reagan. Obviously, I asked him why he thought that. Again, he called me a RINO. The conversation went downhill fast!

I told him that I was probably voting before he was born. I told him that he was a Democrat and changed to Republican not long ago. He told me he was a Democrat when he was 18. Obviously, he lied. He was a Democrat during the Obama administration.

Sabatini put his whole hand, five fingers spread open, in my face and bragged about passing five bills in Tallahassee and wanted to know what I have done. So, I replied I am a voter. Cutting this short, he told me he didn’t want my vote.

OK! Cory, you have my vote. I did make a smart remark to Sabatini on my opinion of who he acts like with inciting anger and telling people you aren’t wanted here.

Sabatini is portraying that Gov. Ron DeSantis has endorsed him — not true. He had a crowd of young men; one for sure was 19 years old. Whenever other speakers were onstage, they were disruptive.

Lynda Donato

Lake Helen


  1. Disinformation. Rewatch the speech this writer didn’t even bother quoting the speech. Just lied about the context, pathetic

  2. Anthony “Tiny Weenie” Sabatini is loose cannon, a racist, and the true definition of RINO. Reading this woman’s encounter reminds me of my own encounter with Sabatini. He used the “N” word and rambled some Trump talking points. The guy has no platform and is riding the “MAGA” wave. That’s not enough to get my vote or anyone I know in the district. When he loses next week, our district will be in good hands with Mills or Duke. Either would be great guys to send to Congress. I’m voting Mills.


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