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L.A. Bliss

Currently, we live in a world where one might say their head is spinning, daily. We open the newspaper, cellphone, app and think “What now?” All these people on the world stage seem to have lost their minds, out of touch with the people, fighting like it’s lunchtime at high school. Emotions are running high, and escaping to all the bad shows on Netflix and Hulu just isn’t cutting it anymore.

How can we get back to simpler times? What does the world need? 

The world needs artists.

Artists are the members of the community who help in processing joy, pain, anger and love. They are the storytellers. 

Artists help people to connect to the human emotion with another person so they can, too, identify that they share the same thoughts and feelings. Which brings me to Lisa Anne Chambliss.

She goes by L.A. Bliss for music and Lisa Chambliss for acting and was born in Orlando and grew up mostly in DeLand.

She is in a singing competition in Los Angeles, where she’s been living for the past 11 years. It’s a contest that is connected to a great cause, suicide awareness.

Lisa Chambliss is not your ordinary hometown artist. She sings with a purpose and a cause of her own. She went through a long period she calls the dark night of the soul, where she had to confront the traumas of her past.

Through her music, Lisa wants to share her pain and insight. She also wants to use her winnings to help fund an animal sanctuary. The winner of the contest gets to perform at the Historic Hollywood Bowl for 17,000 people and open up for established A-list musicians. It would be a game changer for this underdog. 

So, if you were wondering what can you do to make a difference right now at this moment? Vote for her daily, so she can win this contest and help represent the type of person the people want to see more of. This is the link to vote for her: https://theopenact.com/2022/l-a-bliss


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