Editor, The Beacon:

I had an opportunity to read the article “Whose job is it to see the big picture?” by Dr. Wendy Anderson in the Sept. 8-14 Beacon.

I served on the zoning board in my hometown for 20 years and worked more than 40 years in the construction industry.

Dr. Anderson is absolutely right in her statement that the cities and county need to communicate, collaborate on development in the State Road 472 corridor.

From my experience, the type of construction proposed will be devastating to the native animals, the people living and traveling on these roads, and the infrastructure. There must be consideration for the water that will be displaced by the concrete and paved areas.

I urge the county and cities to reconsider warehouse development and begin to consider what the residents need.

A combination of residential, commercial and conservation areas is essential to promoting a viable community and a healthy and happy population.

Nick Koval



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