whitehorse street deltona flooded
ROAD OR RIVER? — Whitehorse Street in Deltona is flooded with water rushing from a ditch across the street from the home of Barbara and Robert Hanrahan, friends of letter-writer Erika Webb. As of Oct. 2, the Hanrahans still had no water inside their home, but others in their part of Deltona were not so lucky, Barbara Hanrahan said. PHOTO COURTESY ROBERT AND BARBARA HANRAHAN

Editor, The Beacon:

The City of Deltona really shined in helping my friend in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

My friend lives in what used to be called the “third area” of Deltona, off of Captain Drive, near Lake Helen Osteen Road.

Her place became an island after Ian.

On Oct. 1, water continued to rush around her home, and showed few signs of receding. She was distraught. I sent a message to Deltona Mayor Heidi Herzberg asking for guidance for my friend and, as ever, Heidi was immediately responsive, suggesting that my friend call Public Works.

Deltona Public Works, too, were very responsive. They went to my friend’s home, and explained where the water was coming from (from previously dry Lake Helen!), as well as explaining the route it must take to drain into the St. Johns River.

I maintain that irresponsible growth has made bowls of many neighborhoods, and is wrecking the ecosystem, but that’s a story for another day.

I have to say, I was very impressed with Mayor Heidi’s and Deltona’s response to a concerned citizen.

Erika Webb



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