Editor, The Beacon:
Marco Rubio wrote to me. He regrets he could not come to the aid of 65 million “unborn children” during the Roe v. Wade era. According to Marco Rubio, this is the number of fetuses that did not get to experience the “American Dream.” Pinch me.
How in the sane world of Samhain does someone with such a shallow intellect become a Florida senator? (Answer: money.)
“Unborn children” exist as much as “undead adults” do. In other words, they don’t.
The term is manipulative and appeals to emotion, not to reason.
I will take a moment to assure all those attentive fetus ears that they haven’t been missing much and are much better off in most instances than if they were a product of forced labor.
The ease with which politicians like Rubio manage to dupe and stay in good graces with anyone is impressive as much as it is nauseating and vice versa.
Anyone or thing is better than Marco Rubio. Stop punishing yourself and the rest of the state by keeping this duplicitous hack in the office. Independents, unite! Don’t vote for Marco!
Robert Wilson


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