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An ex-wife living in DeLand came home from work in the late afternoon Sept. 19. Walking around her property, she noticed “multiple signs in her neighbor’s … backyard with her name and phone number on [them].”

The signs said that the ex-wife had stolen money from her ex-husband. Furthermore, the signs told people “to call her phone number for sex.”

Ex-H himself was in the neighbor’s yard, and he rejected Ex-W’s demand that he leave.

She called police, and, when an officer arrived, Ex-W showed him the no-contact order that Ex-H had signed earlier that month. It said that he must not have any contact with his ex and not go within 500 feet of her or her home.

Ex-W showed the lawman the inflammatory signs she found in the neighbor’s yard, and told him she recognized Ex-H’s handwriting on them.

She said she’d largely stayed away from her home because of her ex’s “constant harassment.”

Ex-H told the officer he didn’t know how far 500 feet was, but later he changed his story to say he didn’t realize he had to stay 500 feet from his ex and her home. (Ex-H should probably wear one of those Bill Engvall signs that say “I am stupid.” You know, here’s your sign!)

Anyway, Ex-H explained the signs in the yard next door, the ones accusing Ex-W of theft and encouraging people to call her for sex, by saying he made them earlier in the year, right when he and his wife got their divorce.

And he said he brought those signs to the neighbor’s house in August “and stored them under the carport until [the neighbor] found them and moved them to the back of the house to dispose of them.” Ex-H said he expected that the neighbor would burn the signs along with other items.

The DeLand Police officer where he saw Ex-H stand determined that the place ing in the neighbor’s driveway was a mere 79 feet from Ex-W’s house. The lawman concluded that Ex-H was in violation of the no-contact order, and “by him bringing the signs to [the neighbor’s] house and placing them in view of [Ex-W’s] residence he was continuing to harass [her].”

Ex-H was arrested, charged with contempt of court and harassment, with no bond allowed, and taken to jail.

— By Keith Allen, based on local police-agency reports. If you have information about a crime, call Crime Stoppers, 1-888-277-TIPS. You could be eligible for a reward.


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