toy soldier downtown deland
Toy soldier in Downtown DeLand

DeLandites and Orange City residents will have the opportunity to decide who has the best holiday lights on their house in holiday-lights contests.

Until Dec. 13, DeLandites decorating their homes for the holiday can register their homes online on the city’s website, HERE. Registrants’ homes will be added to an online map so DeLandites can drive by all of the homes to see whose decorations are deserving of the prize, a $100 gift card to Ace Hardware.

Likewise, in Orange City, residents can sign up online for their homes to be added to a map so their neighbors and peers can decide whose decorations are best in a number of categories, including the best traditional Christmas-style decorations, and the best use of holiday characters like Frosty the Snowman.

In Orange City, the winner will be honored at a City Council meeting in January. Sign-ups are available on the city’s website, HERE.

In both cities, holiday committees will determine whose lights are the best and, after Dec. 22, once a winner has been selected in both DeLand and Orange City, the cities will put their respective holiday-light winners up against each other. A fan vote will determine the victor from there.


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