prescribed burn

Weather conditions are forecasted to be favorable for Volusia County’s Resource Stewardship Division to conduct multiple prescribed burns this week on the Barberville Mitigation Bank and Lake George Forest and Wildlife Management Area.

The burns will impact the use of public trails. For more information, call the Resource Stewardship Division at 386-943-7081.

Historically, nature provided all the tools needed to maintain healthy habitats of natural lands. With the advent of fire suppression, fragmentation due to development, exotic species and user impacts, most natural lands are overgrown. Human intervention is now needed to provide the factors necessary for a healthy habitat.

To restore and maintain the diversity of the ecosystems, prescribed fire is one of the many tools Volusia County uses to manage conservation lands. Prescribed fire has many benefits, such as eliminating dry and overgrown vegetation, reducing the risk of wildfires, increasing seeding, fruiting and forage quality in plants, and improving wildlife habitats. While other land management treatments are sometimes used, prescribed fire is the most effective, because of the complex chemical, biological and physical processes that fire stimulates.

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