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This morning, a single 911 call was made stating that gunshots were heard on the Deltona High School campus. The School Resource Officer and School Guardian were on the scene immediately and did not report hearing any gunshots on campus. 

The school was placed on lockdown as soon as the report was received. The 911 call prompted several Volusia County Sheriff’s Department Officers to respond immediately to Deltona High School. Officers assessed the situation and cleared the campus. 

The lockdown was lifted after the campus was determined to be clear. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reported that there was no evidence of gunshots and deemed the 911 call to be a false report. 

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and the Volusia County Schools Security Operations Team will continue to investigate this incident. There will be enhanced presence of law enforcement officers on campus today and this week. Safety and security continue to be a top priority at Volusia County Schools. 

We are thankful for the prompt response of the Volusia County Schools Safety and Security Operations Team and Law Enforcement Officers.

— Volusia County Schools


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