Editor, The Beacon:

Today I filled up at a local gas station like so many others. Yes, I noticed the cost of gas has dropped significantly.

This is great for everyone, especially those of lesser means.

Along with the decreasing gas prices, I also noticed the lack of hot breath from those who like to blame higher gas prices on politics or, more accurately, the failure of politicians to control prices.

Why are/were the critics so consistently insistent that blame for gas-pump grief be pasted onto politicians, especially the incumbent president?

By their own logic, they should be praising the politicians or incumbent president for gas-pump relief.

Any attentive person should have long ago realized that international economic variables control gas prices.

Rather than being fair and realistic about the issue, the hot breath of critics has given way to silence. Rather than admit to the truth, they respond with silence.

Pogo had it right when he said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Bobby J. Brooks



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