vicki karr new public safety info officer
Vicki Karr

As of Jan. 3, Vicki Karr took over as the spokeswoman for the City of DeLand’s Police and Fire departments.

As Public Safety PIO, Karr will work closely with the city’s Police and Fire departments to spread the word about everything from fires around the city to events hosted by the departments.

Karr’s most recent job before working at the City of DeLand was with TV station FOX 35 Orlando, where she worked as a bureau reporter covering Volusia and Flagler counties. Before that, Karr and her husband lived in Arizona, where she worked as a reporter for another TV station.

She left her job as a reporter to work with the City of DeLand after having plenty of positive experiences with the city’s Police and Fire departments.

“In my 10 years, I enjoyed working with public safety agencies and knew it would be something I would consider in the future,” Karr told The Beacon. “Last year, my family and I decided we wanted to make a lifestyle change now that I’m a mom, and this opportunity came at a perfect time during that transition.”

A Southwest Florida native, Karr studied journalism at the University of Florida. Since moving to DeLand, she’s fit right in.

Asked what her favorite part of the city was, Karr replied, “Hands down the community involvement and abundance of events. I immediately fell in love with the vibrant Downtown and have enjoyed major events like the Christmas and dog parades.”


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