It was New Year’s Eve, and within minutes the new year would arrive. But all was not well in an Orange City-area household. A 13-year-old boy had forgotten to feed the puppy, and so his 31-year-old mother was being criticized for her son’s omission by her 26-year-old live-in girlfriend of one year.

The two women were walking around their residence quarreling, and the 31-year old mother decided to take her son and leave with him, in order to de-escalate the situation. They were about to get in her car when, according to Mom, the girlfriend “poured a beer down the back of [Mom’s] shirt.”

Mom called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, but Girlfriend yanked the phone out of her hands and threw it to the ground. Nevertheless, a deputy got to the house, and Mom told him all that had transpired.

The deputy noted that the back of Mom’s shirt was dry, but he “did smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from her shirt.”

The 13-year-old son said he “observed [Girlfriend] intentionally throw the beer can at [his mother] during the argument,” although he said he couldn’t be sure the can actually hit his mom.

Girlfriend told the deputy that a quarrel occurred because her girlfriend is “dramatic,” and she disputed the accusation that she threw a beer can at her girlfriend.

Based on all the information he had, the deputy arrested Girlfriend for simple battery (domestic violence) and had her taken to jail. So her new year started off on an unpleasant note.

If they stay together, I bet the girlfriends will celebrate with beer — but won’t pour it on anybody.


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