Lake Helen City Hall

The Lake Helen City Commission will meet at Hopkins Hall instead of in City Commission Chambers for the foreseeable future, after an air quality report detected potentially harmful black mold on the second floor of Lake Helen City Hall March 7. 

Lake Helen Director of Administration Dominique Drager said an air quality test conducted last year did not indicate the presence of harmful black mold (the term “black mold” includes several species of mold, not all of which are considered harmful to humans).

The move affects the entire second floor of City Hall, including the mayor’s office, City Commission Chambers, and a conference room.

According to Drager, an air quality test for the first floor is scheduled for next week. In the meantime, Lake Helen city staff, and the Lake Helen Museum located on the first floor, are operating during normal hours.

The Lake Helen City Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting is at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 9, at Hopkins Hall, 192 W. Connecticut Ave.


  1. They always said something was in the water and I didn’t believe them! Turns out it was the air the whole time!

  2. Our public records are located on the second floor (several years are not digital). I guess we will loose those records as well. An important question would be; Is there a plan in effect to protect our public records?


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