YARDLY DELAND — The site plan for Yardly DeLand Crossing with the planned amenities identified with letters. A represents the project’s trail network, which will run alongside a paved trail on the MLK Beltway noted at E. The yellow circle with the letter B is where the project’s amenity center with a pool and clubhouse will be, and the dog park will be nearby at the blue circle with the letter C. The exhibits with green circles and the letter F are where a 20-foot landscape buffer will be built.

The DeLand City Commission March 20 approved a site plan for a new type of rental housing on the city’s southeast side.

“Think of an apartment complex, but squished down and flat,” Planning Director Carol Kuhn explained to the commission.

That project is Yardly DeLand Crossing, a 233-unit single- and multifamily development planned at the southeast corner of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway and Cassadaga Road.

What makes Yardly DeLand different from other developments is how rentals will be offered. The 29-acre cottage-style development will offer 104 single-family homes for rent and 129 duplex units. While the units will be a mix of detached individual units duplexes, the lots will all be owned by a management company and rented individually.

“It looks and functions like a single-family residential neighborhood,” Kuhn said, “except you won’t see any individual lot lines. It will just be one large lot.”

The development will include amenities like a dog park, a butterfly garden, a multiuse trail and a pool.

Yardly DeLand Crossing has been in the works for some time. The planned unit development, or PD, was originally approved under the name of CTC DeLand in October along with DeLand Tech Park, an industrial development planned just south of Yardly DeLand.

Throughout the approval process, Yardly DeLand’s developers, Taylor Morrison, received pushback for building what the developer’s attorney, Mark Watts, described as “luxury” cottages.

“This tends to cater to people who are renting by choice,” Watts said March 20. “You have a lot of people who are moving out of their larger home, wanting to downsize into something that … gives them the ability to lock up and go, travel, things of that nature.”

Yardly DeLand Crossing, Watts said, will target young professionals, people moving to DeLand who are renting before they move into a home or other renters who may be downsizing by choice.

City Commissioner Jessica Davis said she had observed downsizing in DeLand, too, but not because people wanted less of the responsibility of homeownership.

“Sometimes they have multiple families trying to squeeze into a smaller space … trying to afford it,” she told Watts.

“This is not designed for that market in particular,” Watts replied.

The new development won’t fix the city’s lack of affordable housing, he previously told the City Commission. Instead, Watts said, Yardly DeLand Crossing will be one more housing option for residents, adding to the overall housing stock the city can offer.

The project’s site plan was approved unanimously by the City Commission March 20. It was recommended for approval with a 3-1 vote by the DeLand Planning Board in February. Planning Board members Harper Hill, Don Liska and Virginia Comella voted in favor of the project’s site plan, while Buz Nesbit voted against it.


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