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To the inconvenience of many homes and businesses in DeBary, Comcast’s cable-television service, internet access and email capability are suffering.

An unknown number of reports about interruptions of service in DeBary have reached City Hall.

“The city and the [City] Council members have been getting a lot of complaints,” City Manager Carmen Rosamonda told The Beacon in a telephone interview, adding the problems first surfaced several days ago. “It seems it is throughout the city.”

Comcast has an office in DeBary, but a call from The Beacon was answered with a recording: “You have reached a number that is no longer in service,” the voice informed us, referring us to an 800 number.

Rosamonda said the company has not said when the interruptions in service may end.

West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Shari Simmans has fielded calls from businesses hamstrung by the absence of email service.

“We have 300 home-based businesses and 400 brick-and-mortar businesses in DeBary, and if they can’t read their emails, they lose money. They are required to have internet and email, and if they cannot get to them, they suffer,” Simmans said.

Simmans added she had heard Comcast’s communications woes may be related to recent road construction.

Simmans said she is working with Florida Rep. David Santiago, R-Deltona, the Florida Public Service Commission and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to find out what is happening and why, as well as trying to determine when normal service will be restored.


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