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Kyle Hays, a professional marketing consultant in DeLand, has partnered with local marketing and video companies to bring free services to the community throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses now can engage their community for free through a variety of marketing services to discuss how they will continue to serve DeLand throughout the course of this pandemic.

“Business is slow for a lot of local companies, and many people are asking questions as to how they can continue to support their favorite businesses,” said Hays, lead consultant with KyleConsults.com. “I saw what some of my vendors are offering to help the community and loved the idea of getting together as a team of marketing professionals to support the needs of our community.”

New York Ave, a digital marketing firm in DeLand, is offering to help small businesses set up or refresh their Google My Business listing and launch a simple Google website at no cost. In addition, New York Ave is offering no-cost 30-minute consultations for local businesses.

“Our headquarters are in Downtown DeLand, and many of our team were born and raised here,” said Joshua Hays, founder and head of vision of New York Ave. “This is our home, and we want to do our part to support and empower the small-business community.”

The Studio Creative Group, a commercial film and photography company in DeLand, will be offering a “pay what you can” live-streaming video from its professionally outfitted studio. Businesses can schedule a time to come into the business’s sanitized studio and conduct a live, formatted video interview with Kyle Hays, answering some of today’s biggest questions posed by Hays regarding their plans to serve customers throughout the coronavirus crisis.

“We are friends with a lot of the people that own businesses around here, and by offering this service, it is our way of supporting them through this tough time,“ said Joey Maxwell, the owner of The Studio Creative Group.

L’amour, a local wedding and events company, has elected to dedicate its video resources to helping businesses within the community reach their customers. L’amour’s newest video has been released on its Facebook page with a message of “Together We Can.”

“In a time where businesses are closing and anxiety is high, we want to step up and help serve our community,” said L’Amour owner Chris Cummings.

“Now more than ever, businesses need to find a way to serve their customers in unique ways. It is exciting to see people like these stepping up to serve their fellow business owners in a time they need it most,” Kyle Hays said. “It is vital that we come together as a community to get through this virus.”

Any business interested in a service can contact the provider directly, or call Kyle Hays at 386-490-2678 and he will direct the caller to the right person.


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