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Racial justice and police accountability, now!

It is impossible for this noble organization not to be outraged by the continued miscarriage of justice as we witnessed the senseless killing of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, another innocent black man murdered by white police officers.

Sean King

The NAACP was established more than 100 years ago for the very justice we are still fighting for today and, frankly, we have had enough! We cannot breathe!

We ask all citizens of Volusia County to please stand with your neighbors fighting for equality, justice and human rights. Stand in particular for those fighting for their lives. People of color are the only groups in America who are consistently targeted, harassed, jailed and murdered by whites. It must stop!

Please! Join or renew your NAACP membership today. We need your support to:

• Denounce racial prejudice at all levels in Volusia County.

• Denounce police brutality and unequal criminal-justice practices.

• Denounce those who continue to support systems that do not treat all people equally and fairly, whether in Volusia County or anywhere else in the world.

Tell your neighbor and friends that hatred and bigotry are no longer welcome, no longer tolerated in Volusia County!

Take this opportunity to make a difference. The time has come when indifference will not be tolerated. The senseless and brutal murders of black and brown men and women at the hands of law enforcement all over the country are a clear indicator that police sensitivity training is not working.

The blatant attack on an entire race of people is senseless, and we must advocate for a better way to train our police departments.

We encourage our members and the community who believe in equity, human rights and justice, to join with neighbors and supporters to exercise your constitutional right of assembly. Please participate in every peaceful demonstration possible.

There is no place for irresponsible human behavior and, while this is not a political issue, racism is a human-rights issue.

Send a message to our sheriff, the governor and all elected officials that saving lives is our top priority. Let our leaders know that in West Volusia, we will hold them accountable for police protection and civil liberties regardless of race.

Our vote in 2020 will make sure that it happens.

No matter your color, race, religion, sex or national origin, your opinions matter and your voice must be heard.

The NAACP is a nonpartisan organization, and what matters to you matters to all. Our only goal is to bring solutions to issues that erode the fabric of America: Bigotry and hate must go!

Contact the NAACP for updates on the issues via our website at www.westvolusianaacp.org, or via Facebook.

— King, of Orange City, is vice president of the West Volusia Branch of the NAACP.


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