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Editor, The Beacon:

Two weeks ago when I last wrote to The Beacon, I stated that we had 6,000 cases at last count. At this writing, we have had 15,300 and 12,600 in the past two days. Both set records for the country, eclipsing New York, which our governor ostrich derided May 20 with his angry rebuke to the media saying, “It won’t happen here in Florida.” Instead of a unified statewide response, the ostrich has left it to the mayors or county commissioners, which results in a hodgepodge effort that assumes that the virus respects city or county boundaries.

What will it take for this governor to stop using the excuse that a statewide order to wear masks in addition to the other social-distancing rules is not enforceable. Rubbish!!! Rules with teeth, fines, ever-increasing with each violation, will get the malcontents’ attention very quickly.

To date, almost 900 health care workers have lost their lives to this scourge, and the ultimate disrespect is being shown by those claiming personal liberty as a reason not to wear a mask.

These folks still want to keep their driver’s licenses, and all other rules including staying within speed limits, not being DUI, etc., and cannot grasp the fact that wearing a mask in public spaces saves lives even more than having respect for the rules of the road.

I am very angry at the leadership of this country and this state for their disregard to medical science. It seems they have decided that it is quite permissible to trade the lives of fellow countrymen to foster their goal of opening to secure an election.

In the meantime, folks in this state are lining up for hours and hours to get tested, then wait between five and 10 days for results.

In the meantime, athletes in “bubbles,” are secure in the knowledge that they get tested up to twice a day, with results known within an hour. Is anyone else besides me outraged by this???

I love sports. My wife calls me a sports junkie on tv, but I draw the line when the privileged few secure such an advantage over those struggling to get clearance in order to return to their jobs. Does anyone else care??

Governor, I call on you again to issue a statewide order requiring masks, please. We already have had several days of cases exceeding all but a handful of countries. Now that your angry dismissal of Florida not becoming NewYork has proven to be incorrect, admit a mistake, unlike your boss in Washington, and man up to what is necessary.

Charles Piligian




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