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Editor, The Beacon:

We’re going to have to decide by this fall if we deserve the best country that ever happened by, or if we refuse to acknowledge our own past. As with any human endeavor, there were serious missteps. Also, there were villains as well as heroes. It’s arrogant to sanitize that list.

We can agree some things remain wrong and work to fix them, or we can deny they ever happened, and try to blink ourselves a repaired history for the promise of a shiny new fairy-tale country.

The professional Democrats like that second option. If poor Joe Biden manages to stumble into the White House, he will soon be gently led away, leaving some B-list tyrant, estrogen-stipulated, to drive the spooked herd.

I hope I’m being a pessimist and a majority of Americans will not join the stampede. But recent events aren’t encouraging. Bad people are hitting their stride by goading the worst in our natures.

If we are made cowards by woke heroes in masks tearing down statues and storefronts, before long the whole place starts to wobble. Eventually, maybe soon, the parasites kill the host animal.

Brad Mason




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