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Editor, The Beacon:

Volusia County offers some of the best nature has to offer — an oceanfront wide enough to drive on, scenic rivers and waterways, and open wooded areas, to name just three. Sadly, access to the beach has been restricted, the waterways are being spoiled, and what undeveloped land still exists is being eradicated.

Meanwhile, developers who are not from here and definitely have no interest in preserving these natural elements have been given a green light and a pile of tax incentives because restricted development would impede “progress.”

From this rush to development, it appears that our current county officials, the stewards of our quality of life, are influenced by big money pouring in. This, despite local opposition.

Let’s stop and think about what we’re doing. Volusia County is a beautiful location with a population of well-established locals who love it here and want to protect it. Why should new growth be forced artificially when Volusia is a magnetic jewel that attracts people simply by being where it is?

We need new leadership to preserve the good elements and improve what we have let depreciate.

We need Jeff Brower as our county chair. Jeff grew up here, he raised his family here, his business is here, his heart is here.

We need intelligent, carefully planned development for Volusia County. Jeff Brower’s Plan B will allow for growth, yet protect and improve our little piece of paradise.

Donna Craig

Ormond Beach



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