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Editor, The Beacon:

As I read the front page of this week’s Beacon, I am incredulous at the frivolity of the front-page story: “DeLand sued over mask law.” Not that the story’s placement is frivolous, but that the issue is.

As I understand the “mask law,” folks are required to wear a mask inside establishments and/or outside when social distancing is not viable. How does this violate an individual’s rights?

The law is not mandating you wear a mask in your home, or in your yard or in open spaces where there is no one else around. It’s requiring you to wear a mask in public, indoors when you are in proximity to other people. Why is that so difficult?

This lawsuit is a frivolous waste of tax dollars.

Maybe the folks who are behind the lawsuit are actually wimps about wearing a mask. Perhaps they’d eventually rather be “wearing” a ventilator.

Maria Dardano

Orange City



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