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Editor, The Beacon:

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Volusia County (RLCVC) has announced our endorsement of Will Roberts for Volusia County Tax Collector. 

This is a new constitutional position created with the recent passage of Amendment 10. 

Roberts has one opponent in this contest — a career politician recently term-limited in the Florida House.

Will Roberts is far and away the better-qualified candidate for this position, and his years of experience with the Volusia County Revenue Department will allow Will to hit the road running in this newly created position.

One of the most important responsibilities of the newly created Tax Collector’s Office will be administering the concealed-weapons-permit process in Volusia County. 

It is important that a person fully committed to defending our right to keep and bear arms be elected to this position.  

We are impressed by Will Roberts’ willingness to not only defend that right, but to call out rights-abusing legislation — passed by his opponent — that is in need of repeal or reform.

Candidate Roberts was thoroughly vetted and endorsed by the RLCVC membership.

The Republican Liberty Caucus stands for individual liberty, personal freedom and responsibility, free and fair markets, smaller government and lower taxes, because it believes prosperous small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

We are extremely pleased to have found a candidate who shares this philosophy. We are proud to endorse the candidacy of  Will Roberts for Volusia County Tax Collector.

Ted Noftall

Port Orange

— Noftall is chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Volusia County.      


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