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Editor, The Beacon:

Citizens of Volusia County will make their voices heard during the August primary. My vote will go to Jeff Brower for Volusia County chair because he understands environmental problems we are facing and will work to fix them.

He believes in property-owner rights, but understands rezoning of properties often does not protect our wetlands, and overdevelopment comes with many problems. Our drinking water matters and is a priority to Jeff.

A lesser-known issue he has been working to find solutions for is commercial composting of biosolids. Biosolids are the sludge left over from wastewater-treatment plants. Currently, our biosolids are dumped on land in Central Florida, creating problems with toxic runoff. He found the Sustainable Generation System as a viable solution for composting biosolids that can safely be turned into a compost for public use.

Jeff understands the environmental problems caused by plastics. His plan is to add more garbage cans to the beach, pursue fines for littering, launch business-sponsored TerraCycle cigarette-butt collection, add water-refill stations, and implement an educational outreach program to raise awareness.

He wants better transparency and oversight of the Volusia Forever program. Volusia Forever is a great conservation program, but can be even greater with strong leadership oversight. I support Volusia Forever being the strongest program possible.

Jeff is a strong supporter of permaculture, which are agricultural systems designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient. He is a member of Volusia Soil and Water. His forward-thinking ideas for our environment are refreshing. We are long overdue for a county chair who represents the people.

Suzanne Scheiber

Ormond Beach


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