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No carnival rides. No corn dogs, cotton candy or elephant ears. No free concerts. No Miss Volusia County Fair.

For the first time since World War II, there will be no Volusia County Fair this year, but the good news is the Youth Show has been salvaged, although on a limited scale.

“We’re one of 1,000 fairs across the country that are canceled this year,” Volusia County Fair Association General Manager Ronnie Hull told The Beacon.

The decision to forgo the fair was a difficult one.

“It’s all about public protection, and it’s all about protecting the youth,” Hull said.

The Volusia County Fair had been set to begin Nov. 5 and end Nov. 15.

The revamped Youth Show, featuring livestock exhibitions, will begin Saturday, Nov. 7. Public access will be strictly limited. The dates and times of the animal showings appear on www.volusiacountyfair.com.

Although the 2020 fair is a bust, Hull said he and his team are looking ahead to next year’s 11-day event.

“The dates will be Nov. 4 to the 14th. We’re already planning for the 2021 fair,” he said.

The Volusia County Fair and Youth Show was established in 1923. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services sanctions and regulates county fairs across the state.


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