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Editor, The Beacon:

As a lifelong Democrat, voting at the top of my ticket is very simple. 

However, the down-ticket races, such as the nonpartisan county and city elections, are often left to picking between two Republicans.

One of this year’s races is Volusia County chair, between two Republicans. I looked at the policy statements for both Deb Denys and Jeff Brower. Mrs. Denys has a record because she has served in various offices over many years. Mr. Brower has never held significant office. I will be voting for Deb Denys.

I found Brower’s policy statements to be superficial and inconsistent. He wants to stop incentives for attracting business, yet continue to grow our business base. Brower wants to reduce taxes by $50 million but doesn’t explain where he’s going to reduce expenses.

Brower is a newcomer to politics and offers few salient details supporting his positions. It’s easy to say you want to cut taxes and improve quality of life, but when it comes to real governing, it takes more than a cliché and a punchline.

Regardless of your past experience with Mrs. Denys, she is significantly more prepared to be our chair (and will be the first female to hold that position). 

She is a thoughtful candidate, exhibits leadership, and Deb Denys has earned my vote.

Todd Phillips

Ormond Beach


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