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Editor, The Beacon:

Sir, there is nothing cowardly about wearing a mask in these harsh times. My mask is keeping you safe. You, sir, are putting me and many others at risk because of your reluctance to follow common sense.

I suppose you don’t wear a seat belt because our corrupt government officials made it a law. You probably wouldn’t wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle if you were to ride in a state that mandates them. And you probably wouldn’t wear a gas mask in a gas attack because you were ordered to. That would infringe on your right to die a horrible death.

My neighbor is a Korean and Vietnam war veteran. He is not a coward. He wears a mask!

Stupid is as stupid does. As Forrest Gump said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

I pray you don’t get your wish and die of the virus just because you wouldn’t wear a mask.

Dave Buckley



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