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Editor, The Beacon:

I fully support Judy Craig for re-election to the West Volusia Hospital Authority. Judy is a wonderful asset to the WVHA, and is a great leader who is focused on advocating for meeting the health needs of West Volusians who otherwise may not have access to care.

At a time when many of our residents are struggling, it’s crucial that we keep health care accessible to everyone. Judy Craig is committed to ensuring that the West Volusia Hospital Authority continues to serve our area’s low-income residents for many years to come.

Through hospital partnering and relationships with community-based health organizations, the WVHA plays an essential role in meeting the demand for health care facing our community — especially with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the economic impact it’s having on local residents.

Throughout her time on the Hospital Authority, Judy has fought tirelessly for the people of West Volusia and will continue to do so when re-elected. Make your vote count this fall, and vote to re-elect Judy Craig to the West Volusia Hospital Authority.

Barb Girtman


— Girtman represents District 1 on the Volusia County Council.


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