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Editor, The Beacon:

At the risk of sounding incredulous, I still wonder at the inanity of those who say they favor capitalism instead of socialism, especially in the United States, while dealing with our medical care. 

They have no idea that we already have socialized medicine, and they really are too narrow-minded to see it.

First, our Native Americans are covered under socialized medicine, as are our senior citizens, our welfare recipients, our armed forces and our three branches of the federal government (just look at the care the president received). 

The only group not covered under socialized medicine is the middle or working class!

Think about how competitive that would make us in the world economy, if employers did not have to carry the burden of health care costs like so many other civilized countries in the world who are “eating our lunch”?

And obviously, you can still have capitalism and socialized medicine. You just have to be forward-thinking.

Folks mention the U.S. Constitution and wanting to protect it. This president has admitted he has never read it, let alone understand it.

No one is coming for your guns. I believe in our right to bear arms, but not semiautomatic killing machines.

There are many other amendments to the Constitution that have been trampled, like the right to vote, but these same folks don’t want them protected. Just look at what’s been happening with all of the sneaky and convoluted voter suppression that is going on across this country.

Do the research, and use anything but Fox News for it.

If you want your children and grandchildren to live in a society of hate, with no clean water or air, just for you to have a large 401(k) and die rich, then cast your vote for a man who cares nothing for you except as a pawn in making himself and his brand richer.

However, if you want them to grow up in an America where we represent dignity and protection of the environment in which we can survive, then cast your vote for Biden. The choice is that simple.

Maria Dardano

Orange City


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