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Editor, The Beacon:

I don’t know who Carol Curry of DeLand is, but that woman needs the Holy Spirit to walk all over her and bring her to Jesus. According to her letter to the editor in a recent Beacon, she is belittling Pastor Fred Lowry’s comment to the effect that the devil is at work keeping people busy.

Ms. Curry is a self-proclaimed secular humanist (I’m paraphrasing her letter). She indicates that 11 million to 14 million people are too busy taking care of providing for their personal needs to be concerned about a “fictional devil.” “They are dealing with simply trying to survive.”

I respect your opinion, Ms. Curry.

As a Christian since 1969, I am thankful I have someone to cling to for strength and perseverance when I feel like I want to cover my head and cry out to Jesus. I know He is always there.

This past year, in spite of loss of income, He has made sure all our necessary bills were paid and on time. Yes, we had to cut back and do without many things, but, hey, “We’re simply trying to survive.”

I have been medically disabled since 2012. I don’t qualify for any type of government assistance thanks to our liberal federal system. Thanks to COVID-19, I have one of those tenants she is referring to who is abusing the federal system. He has not paid rent since April. We did everything in our power to help this couple in the two years prior to this COVID pandemic. I still have to maintain the property, pay property taxes, insurance, etc. That doesn’t matter, right?

Sweet Mama is no longer being sweet to them. We began the eviction process in July. “We’re simply trying to survive!”

As Christians, each of us needs to battle harder to help those who truly are trying to survive. We all need to show a little more kindness. But, we have to know when to walk away.

Jean Lord



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