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Although the coronavirus pandemic has yet to run its full course, and although there are some spikes in new cases of the potentially deadly illness, Orange City is trying, very gradually, to get back some of the good old times.

The city-sponsored Movie in the Park was one of the victims of the pandemic-caused lockdown and the continuing need to avoid anything that would attract large numbers of people who would be close together. City Manager Dale Arrington says Orange City will revive its free screenings of films, possibly beginning as early as Friday evening, March 5, with some public-health precautions.

“We would require people to wear their masks,” she said.

Arrington said the event would be in Veterans Park, but admission will be limited. Details have not been finalized, as yet, Arrington added, but Orange City’s website, www.ourorangecity.com, will display information at a later date on how to obtain free tickets. 

Arrington said, too, she plans to have “50 to 60 circles,” in which families or small groups may gather, socially distanced from other small groups. 

Other safety measures include making hand sanitizer readily available and cleaning the restrooms frequently, perhaps every half-hour, during the event. City employees will be on hand to sanitize door handles and other objects or surfaces, as well as to make certain moviegoers are wearing their masks. 

As for the film to be shown, Arrington said she hopes to feature Frozen 2, a Disney Studios production. She noted she had first secured permission to show the movie on Feb. 5, but the City Council, out of an abundance of caution, favored waiting until at least March before reviving Movie in the Park. Arrington said she is awaiting the OK for that show date from the company.

The city will also provide free popcorn for moviegoers.


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