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Editor, The Beacon:

I continue, as do many of my silent peers, to be amazed at the nonsense people are sharing in public these days. Unless someone else offers another thought, these silly ideas begin to take root. 

So as not to embarrass any particular writer, I will only address the concept of making folks who have chosen not to take the “not-truly-a-vaccine” shot pay double for medical care, should they get sick.

What a pile of hoowee! Using that same model of punishment, everyone who does not floss regularly should have to pay double at the dentist. Everyone who does not change their oil regularly should pay double at the automotive shop … you see where this goes.

Their choice is their own. It affects them only. The “not-truly-a vaccine” shot does not prevent anyone from being infected, nor does it prevent the infected one from spreading the disease. Not my opinion, but facts from the CDC. (Please do your research.)

Self-righteous indignation and selective outrage are the weapons of the uninformed and weak.

By the way, I have had both shots for the Moderna treatment. 

Leave those alone who choose to make their own choices. We do not yet live in a police state — don’t hurry things along.

Ted Shistle Jr.



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