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Maintaining and monitoring Volusia County government’s financial transactions is a big job. A nearly 13-year veteran of county government, Lynne Urice has been overseeing the job as the acting accounting director since March 2020. And now, she has landed the permanent position.

On May 4, the County Council unanimously confirmed County Manager George Recktenwald’s selection of Urice to assume the director’s post as head of the accounting division.

Urice started in the county’s purchasing division in August 2008 and then transferred to the accounting division in November 2010, first as an accountant and then working her way up to fiscal resource manager before her promotion to assistant finance director in June 2016.

Prior to coming to Volusia County, she served as the purchasing/supply coordinator for the Sanford Police Department and a procurement specialist for Seminole County.

As accounting director, Urice brings expertise in preparing financial statements and general ledger entries as well as detailed experience in cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and payroll. She also is responsible for overseeing the planning, organization and completion of the county’s comprehensive annual financial report.

In picking her for the position, Recktenwald cited Urice’s work on the annual financial report as well as implementing separate administrative accounting services for the county’s constitutional officers as part of the Amendment 10 transition.

“Just some of the accomplishments of this last year where we have really, in the accounting department, have just knocked it out of the park,” said Recktenwald. “An amazing amount of work’s been done this year, and Lynne is the person who brought that to be.”

As director, Urice supervises 25 employees — a staff upon which she heaped praise and recognition.

“Thank you to every member of my accounting division for all the hard work they do every day to keep the office running smoothly,” Urice said during the confirmation hearing. Urice also thanked county management “for your support and confidence in me.”

In congratulating Urice on her confirmation, County Chair Jeff Brower said that being endorsed for the job by Volusia County’s chief financial officer, Ryan Ossowski, was impactful.

“I have a lot of respect for Ryan,” said Brower. “And to know that he has somebody that he has that much confidence in is good for Volusia County.”

A certified government finance officer since 2015, Urice has a Bachelor of Arts in business administration/accounting from Saint Leo University.


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