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Editor, The Beacon:

I want to thank Sen. Rick Scott, Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Michael Waltz for voting against the commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6. 

Democracy has had a good run, but it’s time we get back to the “Divine Right of Kings.”

I can’t fault George Washington for taking us down this dead-end road. 

When offered the crown, Washington didn’t have heirs, and England’s King George III was very unpopular in the Colonies. 

But it is different today. Unlike poor Henry VIII, two of Trump’s three wives have given him a male heir. And times have changed; even his two female children could take the throne should a tragedy strike the males.

As many have noted in 2016, God chose Trump to be president. In defiance, We the People chose Biden in 2020. 

The Trump-inspired Capitol insurrection was meant to right this wrong. With support from Scott, Rubio, Waltz, other like-minded Republicans, and the Second Amendment, we can return God’s choice to once again rule our nation.

With COVID-19 gone, just as Trump predicted, and the Treasury flush with money from his tax breaks to the billionaires, Trump’s return will be a glorious moment. 

I have it on good authority, Q no less, that The Don will top his previous descent down an escalator to the applause of paid actors. In 2024, God will have him descending from heaven on a white horse.

Sam Sloss



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