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Editor, The Beacon:

I read Greg Heeter’s article on the opinion page of a recent Beacon, and I do hope the DeLand City Commission is paying attention. 

There are so many new developments being proposed for western Volusia County, it’s difficult to keep up with them.

But, I noticed that people are giving their opinions and attending city meetings. Most of them are against the amount of new housing proposed. The land is being overdeveloped.

I also have noticed that many of the commission members are voting “yes,” when it is obvious their constituents have expressed their disagreement. Is that seriously doing your job?

Greg Heeter has proposed a wonderful idea for the land that used to be Southridge Golf Course. Any city would love to have a huge park where so many people can relax and enjoy nature. It isn’t every day that that kind of opportunity arises.

A few houses are proposed, some condominiums (hopefully not high-rises), but the majority of the land would be public. 

I do hope we have the intelligence to see just what a natural space in our city would be worth. 

Don’t vote for the Beresford Reserve, which will only make our population density grow. A concrete-rich city is not what our founders envisioned.

I hope many citizens attended the June 7 meeting on Beresford Reserve at City Hall, and I hope they will return for the meeting when the City Commission considers a second reading for this development. 

We shouldn’t lose this opportunity.

Jane Donlon



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