Editor, The Beacon:

Once again, I opened the paper to find an article and a letter addressing our West Volusia growth. Dr. Wendy Anderson has given us some very good advice. It’s time all of us read the city codes and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which are already here for the development of our city.

If we want to hold our mayor and the City Commission accountable for the proper development of our environment here in DeLand, we have to know what those codes are and stop our leaders whenever they refuse to enforce them. We will be facing a crisis, if we aren’t already, so we need to stand up to elected officials who are not doing their jobs.

I would like to thank Ax Tax Davis also for his letter addressing the clean-water problem here in DeLand. I only moved here in February of this year and wondered at the fact that I have a septic system but city water and no well.

I have been told by real estate agents all over the central part of Florida that cities purposely wanted septic systems instead of water-treatment plants. Why? This is the most beautiful, natural part of Florida. Were they not concerned about the springs? The water supply?

What were they saving our money for? Where did they spend the money that should have built the water plants? Our springs are not indestructible.

No one has to say yes to developers. No one has to give in to their proposals. It’s time Floridians stood up and said, “Enough! Follow the codes, obey the restrictions, stop trying to make deals, and if that’s not the way you do business, you are welcome to leave our state.”

The City Commission may discuss the development of Southridge Golf Course at a meeting in the coming weeks. Show up; speak out. The developers have been trying to talk our City Commission into their way. Say no. Tell your officials to say no. Stop using the excuse that they need the tax base. Ask them, “For what?”

Jane Donlon



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