For more than 67 years, Phelps Aluminum has been improving Central Florida homes with quality aluminum services. Started in 1954 by Mr. Phelps and later sold to the Gravell family in 1978, Phelps Aluminum has always maintained the philosophy that: A quality job is the only job worth doing.

“With our company, we strive for quality,” said Operations Manager Rose Löser. “We make sure that every client is treated as if they’re the only client that we have. Even though we may be dealing with several customers, we give everybody the same respect and courtesy as if theirs is our only project.”

Phelps Aluminum offers customized construction of sunrooms, screen rooms, pool enclosures, carports, gutters, gutter guards and more.

Phelps recommends aluminum due to its longevity. “If you use steel or wood products, you get a lot of breakdown from them over time because of either corrosion or wear and tear from the weather,” said Rose. “With aluminum, you don’t have that.”

In addition to providing top-quality work, and using only the best materials, Phelps Aluminum also offers some of the best pricing in town. “We try to make sure our prices are as competitive as possible for the high-quality work that we provide,” said Rose.

From the beginning to the end of a project, Phelps Aluminum makes sure that each job is done correctly, with top-notch quality and without any unnecessary delays. “We understand the anxiety and excitement of trying to get a project done,” said Rose. “So we try to make sure that it gets done quickly, while also making sure it gets done with the best quality and workmanship possible. In the end, we want you to be just as proud of the project as we are.”

Phelps Aluminum is located at 1539 Old Daytona court. in DeLand. Their hours are 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and they service West and Northwest Volusia. 

To learn more about Phelps Aluminum or to request a free estimate, call 386-734-6313 or visit



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