A professional home cleaning service, HTD Cleaning Services is the (H)onest, (T)rustworthy and (D)ependable cleaning service you’ve been searching for! 

“The name for the company came from when I would meet with clients and they would say, ‘We just want somebody who is honest, that we can trust, and who is going to show up,’” said owner Suzi Virgilio. “And I said that’s easy enough, I can do that. So, that’s how HTD came to be.”

Founded in 2017, HTD Cleaning Services started out as a way for Suzi to earn a little extra money after retiring, but quickly grew into the large company that it is today. “This wasn’t supposed to be a business four years ago,” said Suzi. “I’m a retired correctional officer, and I was just kind of looking for something to do. But after I put an ad out on Craigslist, the calls never stopped.”

The business quickly grew from that point, so much so that after the first year Suzi had to bring on more employees. “I run a very professional company,” said Suzi. “We wear uniforms, badges stating that we’re background-checked, and we do a great job.”

In addition to HTD’s employees being professional, they are also highly trained. “My team is trained to clean more efficiently, so we’re not wasting so much time in the home,” said Suzi. “As we say, every minute counts with cleaning, and it does.”

HTD Cleaning Services includes one-time cleaning, move-out/move-in cleaning, deep cleaning, as well as recurring services. “When a new client calls in, we will do an in-home or over-the-phone estimate, go over everything that their house is going to need, and then schedule their appointment,” said Suzi. “When we go out to do the cleaning, we supply everything, all of the equipment.”

HTD Cleaning offers very competitive pricing, as well as 10% discounts for new clients and first responders. They also offer $40 off for their top-to-bottom deluxe cleaning service. 

Their service area includes: West Volusia, Port Orange, and parts of Sanford.

To learn more about HTD Cleaning Services or to request an estimate, call 386-643-9119 or visit htdcleaningservices.com.




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